Class Descriptions
7th Grade American History: 

This class offers an introductory look into the very origins of American history and chronicles the 
creation, development, and eventual division of the United States. This class will analyze, discuss, and learn about early 
European colonialism, reasons for early American settlement, the causes and the effects of the American Revolution, the 
creation of America, as well as the causes and effects of the Civil War. Furthermore, this class will also take a look into 
early African American and Native American history and their origins. 

9th Grade World Geography: 

DESCRIPTION: Geography is a course that deals with people and their relationship with the earth. 
Students of geography will learn geographic facts and then relate those facts to their understanding of how and why 
people live the way they do. Objectives of the course include the following: 
• To develop vivid geographic concepts and apply them to the solution of problems. 
• To understand the meaning of place, region, human environment interaction, and movement. 
• To understand how people provide for their needs and wants. 
• To develop a global perspective. 
• To promote human progress. 

11th Grade World Geography: 

DESCRIPTION: The primary purpose of World History is to supply students with an opportunity to learn about the 
economic, political, and social developments that created the western civilization of which they are a part. The course 
includes Mesopotamia, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, and the Byzantine Empire. The course will also include study of 
the European Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Rise of Nation States, the Scientific Revolution, the Enlightenment and 
the Industrial Revolution. 

Contemporary American History I: 

Contemporary American History II: