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Good site to research party platforms for 2012
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Dear Student, Parent or Guardian 

Hello, my name is Denise North and I would like to welcome you and your child back to school. The following is a class syllabus for all American Government students. This syllabus is my attempt to keep you informed as to what your child will be doing this year while in Government, and what is expected of them. 
American Government is intended to introduce students to the fundamentals of American National Government. The course includes an examination of basic American political principles and practices, the Constitution, major institutions, and civil liberties. The objective of this course is to acquaint students with the complexities of the American political system. It introduces them to the basic concepts of American Government and politics. This course is designed to increase the student’s knowledge of the following areas: the theoretical underpinnings of republican government, the operation of American institutions and politics, and the roles citizens play in the governmental processes. It is also designed to improve their analytical, critical writing, critical thinking, and communications skills. Remember that a person’s ability to develop and perform these skills is as important as the information that will be taken from this course. 
We will use lecture, group study, simulations, book work, videos, hands on experiences and discussion to help all students understand the importance of American Government and their place as American and world citizens. 

All students are expected to participate in class, do all work on time, take notes during lectures, and ask questions if they do not understand something. Asking questions is an important part of the learning process. 

We will be involved in many group activity assignments where students learn to work together to solve a problem or get things done. Working together helps students to learn important social skills and pushes them, at times, to do better. 

Each student is responsible to know and understand my classroom expectations. If expectations are not met, consequences will be administered. Some consequences could be, writing sentences, apologizing to the class, loss of hall privileges, loss of privileges in class, cleaning desks, noon detention, or after school detention. All students are expected to follow all rules. I am enclosing a list of my classroom expectations so that you will also be aware of what your child is expected to do while in class. 

I hope we will have a good learning experience this year. If you have any questions or ideas please feel free to call or write to me. I would like to hear from you! 

My grading scale is as follows: (I also use pluses and minuses) 

Grading Scale
90-100 A 
80-89.4 B 
70-79.4 C 
60-69.4 D 
59-0 F

Thank you 

Denise North 
Wrenshall School