Dear Student, Parent or Guardian 

The following is your 10th Grade American History syllabus 

Course Description 
Students will survey the development of the U.S. History as a country from Reconstruction through the present time. Highlights of the course are the studying of the Progressive Era, Roaring '20s and the Great Depression, as well as surveying the World Wars, Korean Conflict and war in Vietnam. The turmoil of the 1960s will be studied as well as the remaining decades until the present time. 

U.S. History is a core academic course for graduation. Through the study of U.S. History, a student will gain a solid understanding of our historical roots that will lay the foundations for putting our current structures, processes and events in perspective. A student’s sense of relatedness to the past will answer how the world has changed, why events are occurring today, and what may occur in the future. Students will continue to develop their communication skills and critical thinking skills which will provide leverage and value in other academic disciplines and provide enduring skills for life beyond high school. 

All students are expected to participate in class, do all work on time, take notes during lectures, and to ask questions if they do not understand something. Asking questions is an important part of the learning process. 

We will be doing many group activities, assignments where students learn to work together to solve a problem or get things done. Working together helps students to learn important social skills and pushes them to do better. 

Each student is responsible to know and understand my classroom expectation. If rules are broken, consequences will be administered. Some consequences could be, writing sentences, apologizing to the class, loss of hall privileges, loss of privileges in class, cleaning desks, noon detention, or after school detention. All students are expected to follow all rules. I am enclosing a list of my classroom rules so that you will also be aware of what your child is expected to do while in class. 

This year I am asking parents to donate some sort of art supply to the class. We will be using the supplies for many of the projects we do in class. Things like, markers, scissors, glue sticks, colored pencils, stencils, storage containers, or color crayons would be greatly appreciated. This is totally voluntary and if you don’t want to participate it is not a problem. 

I hope we will have a good learning experience this year. If you have any questions or ideas please feel free to call or write to me. I would like to hear from you. 

The grading scale for all of my classes is as follows: 
(I also use pluses and minuses) 

Grading Scale
90-100 A 
80-89.4 B 
70-79.4 C 
60-69.4 D 
59-0 F 

Thank you 

Denise North384-4274