2016-17 Daily Schedule
Daily Schedule starting Semester 6, 2016

Below please find my schedule for the 2016-17 school year. 

You can always contact me before and after school; if I am not in my room, please leave a message and I will get back to you. Email works really well for me as well. 

I am located in room 228, which is upstairs at the end of the hall (by the back stairs).  If you need to contact me during 4th hour, I may be in the kitchen, which is right across the hall from me.

1: Physics
2: Earth and Space Science - grade 8 
3: Preparation and Planning Hour
4: MS Food Science
5: Cell Biology CITS (Semester 1) and Anatomy and Physiology I (Semester 2)
6: Study Hall-7th and 8th grade
7: Life Science - grade 7

My Class Schedule Times: 
Ist Hour (8:20-9:15) 
2nd Hour (9:19-10:09) 
3rd Hour (10:13-11:03) 
Junior High Lunch (11:11-11:41)
4th Hour (11:41-12:31) 
5th Hour (12:35-1:25) 
6th Hour (1:29-2:19) 
7th Hour (2:23-3:13) 

Please note:  High School Lunch and High School 4th hour are different, please see the "Student Handbook" for the schedule.
Contact: Sue Tracy, Science