Syllabus: High School (Secondary)


Jeremy Zywicki: (218) 384 - 4274 EXT -1424 

Our goal is that each student at Wrenshall will understand that participation in physical activity provides the opportunity for enjoyment, challenge, character development, self- expression and personal growth. They will continue to exhibit and maintain a lifestyle of fitness and wellness. Physical Education class is a required activity course. Classes will meet 5 days per week for one semester. Units will last from 1 to 3 weeks. Attendance and participation is crucial. The teacher cannot grade you if you are not there dong the activity. 

Policies and Procedures: 
1. Daily Points will be given for dress and participation. Points will be deducted for being tardy, not dressing, behavior and poor effort. 

2. If you cannot participate, you need a written note from a parent or guardian. This note should include the date, reason for not participating, signature, and a phone number where the parent or guardian may be contacted. 

3. If you will be out for more than three days, you need a Doctor's medical excuse noting any alternate activities that you might be able to do. 

4. Daily activity points can be made up with prior arrangement. 

Rule and Regulations: 
Rules are made primarily for the personal safety and education of all students in the class. Student behavior is expected to be respectful to other students and all adults. Safety rules will be explained prior to each new unit. Gum, watches, ipods, cell phones and other jewelry can be a safety hazard, please leave in your locker. If you are injured during class please let your teacher know. 

Clothing and Supplies: 
All student will need the following 
1. Sweat pants or jogging shorts 
2. Tee shirt with no offensive sayings or logos 
3. Tennis shoes and socks 
4. Towel 
5. shampoo, deodorant or cosmetics must be in plastic containers 

Please mark items so if misplaced we can get them back to you 

The school will have lockers for your use during the semester. 

Grading Policy 
Quarterly grades will be determined by: 
1. Daily participation points 
2. Fitness testing 
3. Written tests and or assignments 

We look forward to a great semester. Please feel free to give a call if you have any questions or concerns
Contact: Jeremy Zywicki