Classroom Rules and Procedures
Rules and Procedures


Phy Ed Class Rules and Procedures 

FOLLOWING DIRECTIONS: Listen when I am speaking and giving directions. 
Raise your hand if you have a question. 

Any verbally offensive remarks or gestures will be an automatic detention. 

Starting Activities – Listen for directions. Example: “When I say Go” 

STOP SIGNALS: Stop, look and listen when you hear the signal: 
Hand signal 
Music shuts off 

Try everything, try hard, and have fun, ask me for help when you need it! You may ask someone near you for help if I am not able to come right away. 

Play fair, follow the rules, be honest, and cooperate. 

Good noise: Encouraging each other – it makes them feel good! 
Bad noise: Screaming, screeching, and yelling. 

1. Physical Safety: Wear tennis shoes, be under control at all times, watch out for others, it’s very important that you listen to my directions about safety each lesson or YOU or your CLASSMATES could get hurt! 
2. Emotional safety: Everyone has different interests, different strengths, and different backgrounds. No Put downs allowed! No toleration policy. Everyone has the right to learn and practice in a relaxed environment. 

Handle it with care – we need our equipment to last! No replacements – can’t play without it. 

You may get a drink if you NEED one and there is no one else at the drinking fountain. 
Lets save bathroom breaks for before or after class, unless it is an emergency. 

CONSEQUENCES for not taking personal responsibility, being disruptive, not doing what you are supposed to do.: 
Verbal Warning-Possible deduction of points 
Time out from activity 
Sit out of activity for the rest of the period – make a plan/do a worksheet 
Contact Parents 
Plan a meeting with your parents and Mrs. Frank 

Fire Drills: 
Gym – Exit Main Lobby Doors 
Rec Building– Exit Main Door Between School and Rec Building Doors 
***stay calm ***post map ***carry red grade book with class lists/emergency info 

Gym – Girls/Boys Locker Room 
Rec Building– Football Locker Room 
***Sit against the wall ***stay calm 

Lock Down (someone dangerous in the building): 
We stay in the gym 
Contact: Jeremy Zywicki