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Cellular Phone Policy...
Communication & Audio/Video Devices: 

Cell phones and audio players are a distraction to learning and are not allowed to be used during class without permission. This means that you cannot text, make calls, play games, watch videos, listen to music, or browse the Internet during class at any time. You are expected to turn off your cell phone when entering the classroom.
Cell phones must be set facing down on the table at the beginning of each class period. You may not keep your phone in your pocket. If you leave the room for any reason, your cell phone should be placed on the teacher’s desk.
If any of the above rules are broken, your cell phone/MP3 player will be confiscated and given to the Dean of Students.
First offense: Student loses the device until the end of the day and the parents are called.
Second offense: Student loses the phone until the parent comes and picks it up at the high school.
Third offense and Beyond: Student loses the phone for three (3) full school days and the parent comes to pick up the phone. Possibility of increases consequences from the Dean of Students.

I am available for tutoring during the following times:

before school - 7:30am
after school - until 4pm

Students will need to pre-arrange for tutoring. I will stay after school longer than indicated if necessary to get your child caught up.

I am very diligent about updating my grades on Infinite Campus. I will typically enter daily assignment on a daily basis. Quizzes and Tests are enter as soon as I have them graded. I will return and discuss quiz and test grades with students once everyone in the class has completed the quiz or test.

I updated my website typically every Wednesday. I record lessons for each class and sometimes add or change pictures. 

Please keep tabs on your student's grades with the help of my website.
Please contact me with any questions or concerns.

Thank you,

Mrs. Pamela Niesen
218-384-4274 Ext. 1307