Extra Credit
Below are ways students may earn bonus points to help their grades per quarter. Students much get approval from Mrs. Niesen before beginning any project. There will be a discussion in regards to the project they wish to complete and the requirements of that project.

Math Extra Credit
Extra Credit and Expectations:

**Note: Extra Credit may only be done if all work has been turned in during the quarter. If a student has one missing assignment, extra credit will NOT be accepted.

Requirements for all Extra Credit:
1. Include Cover page - this includes Title of Project, Name, Date, and Class
2. Bibliography - websites used, resources and page numbers of book
3. Notes taken or used.

Option 1:
At the end of each chapter there are projects that may be done for extra credit. Each student much discuss with your instructor which project you wish to complete.

Requirements for the projects:

1. All steps in the project much be completed.
2. Organize your project in a neat manner.
3. Include a cover page
4. Include a minimum of two (2) page, double spaced reflection paper. 
This paper much include:
a. steps you took to complete the project;
b. how you did the project;
c. any resources you used;
d. you findings; and
e. a discussion of what you discovered that you did not know before.

Option 2:
1. Research a Mathematician of your choose.
2. Write a minimum of five (5) page double spaced paper (no larger than 14 point)
a. include resources
b. include background
c. include mathematical accomplishments
d. include what you learned 

Option 3:
1.  Create a timeline of the Mathematics and Mathematics of our current Chapter.
2.  Include Mathematics names and their discoveries.
3.  Include historical events along the timeline.
4.  Must be created on some sort of display item.
4.  Must be presented to your class.

Option 4:
2015-2016 School Year
IXL may be done at home or outside of class for extra credit.
1.  You may not have any missing assignments.
2.  You must practice for a minimum of 30 minutes at a section.
3.  You must take notes on questions that you miss. 
      a. When the question says, 'Sorry, Incorrect...' scroll down to the box labeled 'remember' and take down all in that box.
4.  You must receive at least two (2) ribbons on the activity you were practicing.
5.  You may only practice skills in grade levels one below and one above your current grade level.
6.  You must present your notes and tell Mrs. Niesen when you were on IXL at home or outside of class.
7.  You may only practice on IXL once a week for extra credit (value of one class assignment).