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Carpentry Syllabus


Wrenshall Schools 
Mr. Gustafson 

Carpentry Syllabus: 


This class is geared to give students teach students about basics of the construction industry. Students will participate in weekly lectures as well as a variety of lab activities. Subjects of study include best practices construction, foundations, flooring, wall and roof systems. Carpentry math including estimating board feet linear feet, calculating cubic yards of cement. 

Grading and attendance- 

Students will have 5 tests throughout the semester as well as a final test. Other graded projects will be students lab manuals which will be graded throughout the semester. Students will also be graded on participation and attendance. 

Classroom rules- 

Students will be expected to follow all safety rules at all times. Failure to do so can lead to removal from class. 

Respect is the number one rule in my classes- 
Respect for yourself in making positive choices in the classroom setting. 
Respect for your classmates 
Respect for your instructor 
Respect for the learning environment. 


Sample Lecture


Measurement Type Lecture and Discussion 

Figure out what your measuring with- 
1/16 1/8 ¼ 1/32 

Measurements should be put in the following form 

Feet then inches.. Example 

Nominal Sizes what does it mean?? 

Linear Feet- A running Measurement, not taking in mind a boards width or thickness. 


Board Feet- Used to sell lumber, 1 board feet is equal to a board that is 12” X 12” and is 1” thick. 

Formula - 
Length of board X Width of board X Thickness of board/144 
(make sure that you have everything in inches) 

Square feet- 
Length X Width 


sample Lab activity


Carpentry Lab Building walls !,2,3 

Name _____________________ 

Instructions: On a separate piece of draw a picture of each wall what they will look like, as an elevation view to scale using t-square and triangle. Label all parts of the wall. Build the following walls and answer all of the questions, have Mr. G initial when completed, each group members need to fill out sheet. All window heights and door heights should be 7’. Use ¼”=1’ as your scale. 

Wall #1 

Done ________ 

Wall #2 

Done __________ 
Wall #3 

Done __________ 
Wall #4 

Done __________ 

1.What does the term rough opening mean? 

2.What does the header do? 

3. How long is a standard wall stud, and why? 


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