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This photo was taken at the baptism of our three youngest: Chloe (Ellie and Evan), Tatum (Josie Hlava and Kevin Deutsch of the Hacienda del Sol), and Alexis "Lexi" (Tyler and Stephanie Saylor)). We saved a ton of money on rental fees by waiting to baptize all three children at once. Seriously, it was a great day with deep meaning for all of us.

Here's the whole crew, including pastor Loren Nelson, a scholar, activist, and gentleman.

Mark Cohn, one of my favorite singer/songwriters, wrote the above lyrics about his father. In the song, Silver Thunderbird, a moving tribute to his father, Cohn describes how his father quietly sacrificed for his children, working long hours while taking pride in his good ol' Silver Thunderbird.

First and foremost, I describe myself as a father; I would consider it the greatest compliment to receive from my children the same praise and gratitude Cohn offers his own father in his song (lyrics).

The father of seven children, I have learned more about life, more about myself, from my relationships with each of them--some painful but most joyous. Though I do not remember all the moments we have shared, the fabric woven by these experiences have become the foundation of my life, the cushion of my seat, the background on my screensaver, the static on my radio. 

My own tribute to my children (all parents' children) can be found in lyrics from another Cohn song written to his unborn child:

You may not always be so grateful 
For the way that you were made 
Some feature of your father's 
That you'd gladly sell or trade 
And one day you may look at us 
And say that you were cursed 
But over time that line has been 
Extremely well rehearsed


My lovely wife, Trish, with daughters Tate and Chloe
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