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Joel Swanson


English 10 
With a wealth of great literature, English 10 explores themes of social inequality and humanity's struggle for individual dignity and purpose. Students will write numerous essays inspired by the literature we study.
English 10 Syllabus
English 10 Curriculum


English 8 
Students in English 8 continue to develop their knowledge of vocabulary and grammar. Reading and writing are stressed daily with numerous short stories and exercises to improve comprehension and fluency in their reading and writing.
English 8 Syllabus
English 8 Curriculum


World Mythology is a class designed to read and understand stories. Myths are stories that explain “How things came to be this way.” Every culture and every civilization has a set of stories (some more than others) to explain their existence in the world and the relationship between the people and the gods. We will get most of our information from the text Mythology for Dummies, a very well-designed, easy-to-understand book, despite its insulting title. This course is designed to be educational AND fun. Much of our study of mythological stories will include videos, most describing Western Civilization’s mythology. These movies are based on the stories that have come to us from thousands of years of Greek/Roman culture, stories that are still alive in our culture today.
Mythology Syllabus


English 12 
English 12 builds upon the curricular goals from previous English classes (see attachment for specific goals). Literature study includes Shakespeare's Macbeth, Orwell's 1984, MacClean's A River Runs Through It, and other notable works. Students will write an extended research paper as well as various analytical and thematic essays.
English 12 Curriculum



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