Classroom Rules

W - work hard 
R - respect others 
E - empathize 
N - never sell themselves short 
S - show self-control 

Computer Lab: 
- No food or drink in computer lab. 
- Respect computers and lab equipment. 
- Only be on appropriate websites and programs. 
- No cell phones or music players in class. You can bring your own headphones to plug into computer to listen to music via Internet. 

Grading Policy: 
A ..... 100 - 90 
B ..... 89 - 80 
C ..... 79 - 70 
D ..... 69 - 60 
F ..... 59 - 0 

- There is zero tolerance on cheating. The student will receive an automatic zero on the assignment and parents will be contacted. 

- Extra credit opportunities will be available each quarter at the discretion of the teacher. 

Late Work: 
- Late work will be accepted if student was absent with an excused absent within a reasonable time. 

- Late work will be given a final deadline to be turned in for partial credit. After the deadline, late work will be accepted, but student will receive only 50% credit for the work if it was done correctly.