Need extra help? Have some down time? Looking for extra work or problems? Check out the links below to find some great websites with lots of games and activities to supplement our classroom work!

Under the Sea - Math Arrays/Multiplication
 - This site is great for the beginning stages of multiplication. It helps students visually see how multiplication works!

Space Arrays - Math Arrays/Multiplication
 - This is another great site for math arrays and multiplication. Try this one after playing Under the Sea first!

 - Lots of games and activities that are sorted by grade level. 

 - Great site to connect to some of your favorite Scholastic books. Includes games and activities that match the book!

Story Bird
 - Either create your own stories or read stories from thousands of other writers. Stories are sorted by grade level.

 - Great beginner phonics site to help readers get the basics down. Lots of games too!

Fun Brain
 - Tons of games in math and reading. Play through all the levels to unlock fun games!

 - Have you ever had a wonder? Maybe you have wondered how crayons are made or why we blink our eyes? This site has the answers to several wonders!

Invention at Play
 - Learn about inventors from around the world. Play with different tools to start creating your own invention.

 - Create, play, and discover as you program your own computer games!

 - Tynker around this site and you'll start programming games!

 - Use your knowledge of geography to help you guess where Google Earth has dropped you off! The closer you guess, the more points you'll earn!