Supply List

Individual Supplies
1 durable 2-pocket folder
2 wide-ruled composition notebooks
*No spiral notebooks please!
Gym shoes
*These may be the same shoes that your child wears to school.
1 brown paper grocery bag for art class

Community Supplies
*Will be placed in classroom supply bins to be shared by all students.
1 box of crayons
2 boxes of washable markers
20 #2 pencils
3-4 glue sticks
3-4 containers of sanitary/disinfecting wipes for surfaces
1 package of white notecards
1 box of kleenex

Optional Supplies/Classroom Donations
Ziplock bags (sandwich or gallon size)
Masking tape (for our engineering projects)
Whiteboard Markers (to use with personal whiteboards)
AAA Batteries (for Flashlight Friday reading time)
Tennis Balls (to go on the feet of our tables and chairs)

Please contact me if you have any questions!
Miss Rowland