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Addition and Subtraction Fact Games

Basic Practice Multi-Level Challenging

Owl Math

Basic Addition

Subtraction Bowling

Rabbit Take Away

Beach Subtraction

Two More Than


Flower Power

Robot Subtraction

Race Car Subtraction

Picture Problems

Test the Toad

Butterfly Subtraction

Math Fact Cafe

Math Magician

Addition Surprise

Addition Match (10-18)

Mr. Nussbaum

Great Martini Flashcards

Math Bonds

Around the World

Addition Practice

Addition Machine

Addition Match Game

Online Flash Cards

That's a Fact

Addition Match Game

Balloon Math

Math Fact Cafe

Mayan Math Monster

Subtraction Machine

Target Takeaway

Missing Minuend

How Many Bees in the Hive?

Balloon Subtraction

Toy Theater Flashcards

Math Baseball

Dude's Dilemma

Toon U Subtraction

What's New Scooby Doo?

Springtime Addition

Scooby Doo Subtraction

Batman Addition

Racetrack Subtraction


EMR Mental Math

Connect Four (2 player)

UFO Subtraction

Code Cracker


Room 108


Alien Addition

Minus Mission

Addition Machine 
Level 2

10 Less Soccer Shootout

Subtraction Machine 
Level 2

Butterfly Subtraction

Cross the Swamp

Math Flash

Who Wants to Be a Mathonaire?

Mickey Mouse Addition

Monkey Addition

Power Puff Subtraction

Racetrack Subtraction 0-20

Addition Machine Level 3

Subtraction Machine Level 3

Racetrack Subtraction 0-30

Thank you to the teachers from Blue Earth area schools who identified these quality math Web sites in the summer of 2006.

Multiplication Fact Games
Color Code Key =
Basic Practice Multi-Level Challenging

Qwest for Tiki

Donga Dinga Drums

Fledgling Fisherman

Click on Bricks

Castle Quests

Around the World

Flash Cards

Cyber Challenge

Hidden Picture

EMR Mental Drills

Whack a Mole

Quick Flash

Forest Math

Multiplication Baseball

Color Creations

Multiplication Mystery

Times Tables

Magnetic Math

Multiplication Madness

That's a Fact


Multiplication Mystery

Sum Sense

Math Magician

Multiplication Concentration

Farm Stand

Multiplication Matho

Table Tester

Math Libs

Balloon Invaders

Katy and Arlo's Word Problems

Grand Slam Math

Grid Game

Treasure Math

Lunchtime Lagoon

Factor Bingo

Lizard Point Multiplication

Speed Grid Challenge

Batter Up

Dude's Dilemma

Tackle Math Ball

Basket Math

Brain Buster

Multiplication Millionaire

The Factor Game (2-player)

The Product Game (2-player)

Thank you to the teachers from Blue Earth Area Schools who identified these quality math Web sites in the summer of 2006.
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