Educational Philosophy

My educational philosophy is one that continues to evolve and change as I reflect and grow from teaching. It is my belief that a classroom should first and foremost be a safe environment for children to learn. It is my responsibility to create a warm and protective environment for students. I believe in fostering a community of learners that reflects the Responsive Classroom Model which promotes social, emotional, and academic growth. 

It is my belief that children need to be engaged in experiments and real-world problem solving. Students need to be provided the opportunity to construct his/her own knowledge actively, rather than mechanically ingesting the knowledge from me. It is healthy and rewarding for a student to seek out the answer to his/her own problem; I will encourage and support this for all students. 

I believe that each student has his/her own individual learning style. My classroom will be filled with various learning strategies, experiences and opportunities for students to discover and learn. Each student is a unique individual with different needs and it is my job to find what works best for each student. 

Another strong belief I have is the use of technology in the classroom, and 21st century learning tools. A classroom with a project-based curriculum is key in helping students succeed and learn in our ever evolving society. It is my job to utilize current technological tools available and teach students how to use them as well. Classrooms are slowly abandoning the textbook-driven, teacher-centered, paper and pencil model and I am in favor of moving towards this fresh new way of teaching that puts students in the “driver seat” and allows the students to be self-directed, and work both independently and interdependently. 

In summary, my educational philosophy consists of: 
· fostering each student’s individual learning needs 
· nurturing a caring community of learners 
· creating 21st century learners 
· generating an engaging responsive environment to promote each child’s learning and development