Daily Schedule
Little Wrens
Here is a general schedule for our time at school.
11:45-11:55 Check-in and table activities
12:00-12:25 Circle Time
12:25-12:55 Book and reading/math activity
12:55-1:25 Outside/Large Motor
1:25-1:40 Snack and Quiet Book Time
1:40-2:30 Centers and Art
2:30-2:35 Clean Up
2:35-3:00 Social Skill Focus Time
3:00-3:08 Wrap-up and get ready to go!

9:00-9:10 Check-in and table activities
9:10-9:30 Circle Time
9:30-9:50 Book and reading/math activity
9:50-9:55 Bathroom/wash hands
9:55-10:10 Snack and quiet book time
10:10-10:50 Centers and Art
10:50-11:00 Wrap-up and get ready to go!