National Test Dates

    Test Date                 Test             Registration Deadline

                   10/01/2016                SAT and Subject Test                09/01/2016
                   11/05/2016                SAT and Subject Test                10/07/2016

                   12/03/2016               SAT and Subject Test                 11/03/2016
                   1/21/2017                 SAT and Subject Test                 12/21/2016

                   3/11/2017                 SAT only                                       2/10/2017

                   5/06/2017                 SAT and Subject Test                 4/07/2017

                   6/03/2017                 SAT and Subject Test                 5/09/2017

SAT Reasoning Test measures critical thinking skills, mathematical reasoning and writing skills.  The 70-minute Math section consists of multiple choice and student produced responses to questions on number and operations; algebra and functions; geometry; and statistics, probability and data analysis.  The Writing section focuses on grammar, usage and choice, assessed in a 35 minute multiple choice section and a 25-minute student produced essay.  

SAT Subject Tests are designed to measure your knowledge and skills in subject areas including English, history, mathematics, science and language.  Only some colleges require Subject Tests.  Check with the college(s) you are considering.  Note that although the Reasoning Test and Subject Tests are offered on the same day, you cannot take both exams on the same day.

TEST TIME:  3hrs 20 mins.  Includes Writing Test - Optional

To learn more, register and get free practice, click  Fee waivers may be available in the Guidance Office for students who qualify.